Viper Venoms

Viper Venom is one of the most venomous species of snakes found on the face of this earth. The highly toxic venom found in a viper bite is one of the primary reasons the serpent is fearsome and deadly. Viper venom is primarily haemotoxic meaning that it is particularly detrimental to blood, necrotizing, indicating it causes severe damage and death to tissues and anticoagulative in nature, and thus preventing the blood from clotting. The high protein content and presence of a number of haemolytic enzymes causes relentless damage to blood cells and results in death of RBCs and tissues. Immediate results of a bite from a viper can range from pain and blood in the mouth to a rapid drop in blood pressure. In severe cases, skin and muscles at the site of bite turn necrotic. Extreme cases also display intravascular coagulation leading to internal organ failure and ultimately, death. We can supply approximately 10-20g viper venoms in freeze dried powder per month, please order in advance if more required.

A high rate of mortality due to viper venom has, over the years, encouraged field scientists to conduct a range of experiments to understand the physiology of the snake and get a fair idea of how the venom affects a victim of the bite. The only shortcoming faced by researchers on most counts is that of non availability of the necessary venom for conducting studies.

Viper Venom for Sale: We deal in quality viper venom for sale. The venom supplied is extracted and concentrated with the utmost care to maintain the requisite toxicity levels rendering it suitable for experimentation and trials. Our expert staff is adequately trained to handle the toxic material and undertakes certified and tested processes to procure venom through proper extraction, concentration and freeze drying of the venom we supply. Our buyers include research institutions and medical facilities of repute as well pharmaceutical companies engaged in the manufacturing of anti venoms and serums to cure viper bites. What’s more is the offered viper venom for sale is fully licensed and treated to high degree of protein concentration with all the necessary documentation and certification for sale and shipping so as to ascertain its use in research and medicinal purposes.

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