Cobra Venoms

Cobra’s venom have neurotoxin venom and dangerous of all among other animals, the spitting cobra can spray its venom from a distance of about 8 ft into the eyes of its victims, causing temporary blindness and great pain. This poisonous cobra venom acts powerfully on the nervous system and has been used for many years in medical research because it has an enzyme, lecithinase, which dissolves cell walls as well as membranes surrounding viruses. Whereas, Antiserums are effectively used in cases of various intoxications like severe snake bites where lives can be lost for the lack of timely and proficient action. Unless victims are provided with designated quantities of antiserums, there is a potential risk of life or in some cases, amputations. Considering the vitality of antiserums in cases of moderate to severe bites, sufficient quantities need to be manufactured and supplied to various parts of the world notorious for snake attacks. Our snake farm can supply approximately 150-200g of cobra venoms per month in freeze dried powder, Cobra Venom are available for sale and also used for research work at many science labs. There are several facets of this process that need due mention as presented here. You can contact us for cobra venom sale since these include antiserum properties they are helpful too.

Provision of specially prepared antiserums to institutions and research facilities as well as pharmaceutical companies is olds critical value enabling them to manufacture adequate amounts of high quality antiserums for clinical as well medicinal usage.

An indispensable ingredient of life saving drugs, antiserums need to be manufactured with perfected processes utilizing utmost professionalism and care to ensure only the premier quality products are supplied considering the fate of scores that hangs in the balance on account of such drugs.

Such antiserums invariably find their way into the research of thousands of investigators across the world and serve humankind with their potential and ability of being converted into drugs of supreme importance.

The procured serums must necessarily be processed at professionally managed facilities to create an end product at par with the requirements of clinical purposes.

Expert handling and maintaining the highest levels of care and diligence is of absolute magnitude which requires specially trained technicians executing the procedures to handle toxic substances and ascertain high levels of hygiene and specialized treatments to generate best quality and required quantity.

Extraction and treatment procedures must be in tandem with industrially accepted norms and standards so as to deliver standardized results usable in research and diagnosis as well as with curative intentions.

Antiserums are the very lifeline used to fight against toxicity. Keeping this fact central to procurement endeavors, engagement in best practices to guarantee products with effective properties and appreciable quality is desirable.
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