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Zhiling Yousheng is a registered wildlife farming company and licensed by China National Forestry Agency. Our snake farm has an area of 136,990 sqm, it is located in the scenic Wei Shui National Forest Park (365 square kilometers, famous for its resourceful lakes, springs, reservoirs, mountains, trees, caves and wetlands), Hubei province in Central China. It is now a home to almost 10,000 cobra snakes (Naja atra) and 1,000 sharp-nosed vipers (Agkistrodon acutus, Deinagkistrodon) and thousands of Stink rat snakes (Elaphe carinata).

With professional facilities and know-how, we have been raising snakes since the 1990s; Our skilled workers can not only breed snakes, but also milk and collect snake venoms including cobra venoms, viper venoms particularly at a supply capacity of approximately 150-200g per month in freeze dried powder.

We would like to establish a stable long term cooperative relation with and supply our top-quality and rare pure snake venoms to the pharmaceutical companies, R&D Centers, Biological Labs, Schools and Insitutions.

Snake Venom for Sale: Snake venom is a word that instills instantaneous fear in the minds of all who hear it. There wouldn’t be many around the globe who wouldn’t feel a paralyzing chill run down their spine upon being encountered by a serpent that could deliver a dose of toxin. Thankfully, we have anti venoms to take care of cases of such an unfortunate occurring. One can buy snake venom from our snake farms.

Snake venom suppliers play an important role in the development of antitoxins for cases of snake bites. We are anti snake venom suppliers with capability and means to deliver across the world specializing in procuring snake venom for medicinal and research purposes. We dedicate ourselves to furnishing snake venom and anti snake venom of various species for investigative and therapeutic purposes which can go a long way towards understanding the science behind the poisonous nature and cures to be developed for such venoms. The venom we supply is acquired from various species of snakes like Cobras, Vipers and others bred at our dedicated snake farms and is specially cured and strengthened to be used in different studies conducted on snake bite serums and anti venoms. Our snake farms are managed by experts of the field with extensive skill in breeding snakes and procuring the highest quality and concentration venom of scores of different varieties of snakes enabling researchers and medical personnel in their efforts to serve humankind. The proficiency of our professionals ensures a high yield and quality retention throughout the process of quarantine, extraction, and strengthening of venom. In addition, we also provide training to individuals on breeding and handling snakes for the purpose of extraction and development of such farms.

Our expertise extends from indigenous species to non native species providing the most exhaustive catalog of high quality venom and anti venom and adds our name to the list of internationally recognized anti snake venom suppliers. With our services, you can find a comprehensive solution to all your venom related needs at a single point and cater to the multitude of uses you need to put it to.

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